How to promote your mobile game on social media

Mar 16, 2023

The popularity of mobile games has skyrocketed making gaming apps the top-grossing category in Apple’s App Store. Source: Statista,from%20global%20users%20in%202021. To ensure your game thrives in this highly competitive industry, establishing a strong presence on social media is crucial. Here are five key steps to help you promote your mobile game on social media.

1.  Do your research.

Begin by researching industry blogs and articles to gain insights into the social platforms and content types that best suit your game. Analyze  your competitors’ performance to identify different ways to appeal to your target market and customize your strategy accordingly. Take note of gaming hashtags, keywords and social media trends to optimize your game’s profiles  in advance.

2.  Focus on your content.

Quality content can distinguish your game from the rest. Get creative with your designs and incorporate your branding in your posts to make your game more memorable. Share exciting sneak peeks, character introductions, game play videos and early access codes to entice  gamers eagerly waiting for  game updates.

Tap into popular trends by sharing customized memes and innovative posts for seasonal holidays. Also, to build a deeper connection with your audience, share behind-the-scenes footage to show your team in action.

3.  Prioritize community building.

Create a community around your game to stay connected with your loyal fanbase. Encourage players to join your Facebook groups and Discord channels and offer exciting incentives to followers who invite their friends to download your game. Share fanart and cosplay photographs from enthusiastic fans and collaborate with popular streamers for shout outs and mentions, to amplify your game’s visibility.

4.  Run paid ad campaigns.

Utilize targeted ad campaigns across different social media channels to increase subscriptions and downloads. Studies show that videos are particularly effective with 81% of marketers believing they help increase sales. Create scroll-stopping video ads that drive  social media users to check out your game. egularly test and review the performance of your ads to make the necessary adjustments to your campaigns for optimal results.

5.  Engage with your audience.

Studies show that 80% of customers expect some kind of interaction with companies on social media. Respond to comments and direct messages from your audience, incorporating their suggestions and feedback to improve your game. Engage them further by sharing fun polls and quizzes, and using game specific hashtags to encourage audience interaction.

Acknowledge the efforts of top players by sharing the game’s leader boards to gain their loyalty and trust. Additionally, post reviews and testimonials from players who enjoy your game to motivate interested audiences to try it out.

To ensure your mobile game has a significant impact, , integrating social media into your marketing strategy is essential. By following these steps, you can increase your game’s visibility and successfully dominate the mobile gaming industry.