Benefits of using Twitter for Your Business

Jul 27, 2023

Social media platforms are an essential marketing tool that help consumers connect with brands and each other. These sites have become a valuable tool for small businesses to target their customers, while also establishing connections between like-minded individuals.

The most popular platform is Twitter, with over 145 million active daily users. Twitter can be a great tool for both small and large businesses as it helps marketers keep up with the latest trends and conversations.

Here are some of the key benefits of resorting to Twitter for marketing your business.

1.  Target your audience better 

As the platform attracts a diverse audience range, finding people who have similar interests becomes easier, which inturn will help you target your potential customers better. In addition, brands can get a deeper understanding of their target audience by discerning the profiles of Twitter users. For example, knowing what they tweet about, how often they tweet, and how many followers they have.

Twitter also makes it possible to establish interactive communities through the Twitter Lists feature. Lists enable users to categorize selected accounts under categories like businesses or influencers, etc. according to their interests, allowing them to engage in discussions with fellow businesses and influential thought leaders within their industry, widening their network. 

 2.  Stay on top of trends

Staying in the loop and not missing out on emerging trends and topics is integral to the marketing process. And what better platform to tackle the ‘fear of missing out’ than Twitter? Twitter serves as a search engine to find the latest information about virtually any topic.

In Twitter’s “Explore” section, you can see a list of hashtag-driven trending topics and discussions happening in real time. These trends are great for marketers because they can stay updated on the evolving interests and needs of their audience. This means that brands can engage with their followers and find out what their pain points are to update their marketing strategy accordingly.

3.  Build brand awareness 

 Social media is a great way to build brand awareness and create opportunities for your business. As users are able to research and find businesses according to their needs, it is important to seize this opportunity to make your target audience aware of your services. Building brand awareness through Twitter allows you to build brand trust which in turn gives rise to brand loyalty from frequent customers. 

The platform allows you to authentically showcase your brand voice and personality by sharing valuable content and engaging with your audience consistently. This facilitates relationship building, as you are able to genuinely communicate with your followers and address their concerns. 

4.  Improve  SEO rankings

Social signals from social media have a massive impact on SEO rankings. By sharing valuable content (as links to blog posts are recognised by Google) and using the right keywords and hashtags on Twitter, a brand’s post gains more exposure which boosts their rankings. Interacting with other accounts or mentioning them helps increase your search presence. An optimized Twitter bio will also improve your search engine rankings by redirecting users to your website. 

5.  Deliver customer service and support

Twitter is a useful platform to provide customer support and service to customers. It allows companies to interact with their customers on a personal level to address their concerns.

Brands can utilize tools like retweets, direct messaging and replying to mentions (@s) on the platform to communicate with customers quickly. This  allows for a quick response to questions and grievances of customers and increases customer satisfaction.

By asking for feedback through tweets, brands can receive suggestions from customers regarding the products they offer and how they can be improved. Optimizing this feedback and enhancing their products is a great way for businesses to continue to satisfy the needs of their customers.

With the social media marketing landscape constantly evolving, it is absolutely necessary for businesses to keep up with the trends and update their marketing strategy. And, Twitter is definitely not a platform to be overlooked if a brand is looking to make an impact among their audience and amplify their online presence.